Q & A with Wattpad Fans, Volume 2

Zigon11 writes:

Shoot man. I’ve gotta say your story, [sic], was probably one of the best things I have ever read. Such creativity… I wonder, did you/do you play eureka? If not, how did you come up with the idea with your own personal experiences in life?

I responded: 
Hey, thanks for the compliment. I have never actually played Eureka… in fact, I find change somewhat threatening – though I know I shouldn’t. But I really like to play with people’s perceptions/brains through my novels, and I recognized that fear of change most people seem to have would be a smart topic for a novel. I could add to the thrills by playing off that innate fear.
After I figured out the basis for Eureka – forcing characters in a book to confront that fear of change – the rest flowed from that. Well, some of it came from my old sociology courses in college, or thinking about the work of Emerson or Camus. These sources all address the way our identities are handed to us by the people around us (mostly) and I thought one side-effect of Eureka would be messing with that process.
The actual plot of the story is not really that complicated. I knew with something thought-provoking like Eureka I’d need a more standard plot to keep the story from getting too brainy, so I went with a murder mystery.

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