Q & A with Wattpad fans

I’m carrying these over from my old site. Fans often comment on my novels that are available on Wattpad, and sometimes I answer their questions with some information on the novel.  When they’re worth it, I’ll bring them here.

On [sic]:

shinney writes: 

“I’d love to read your next book. I also want to go and read other books you have written. If they are half as good as this one, it’ll certainly be worth my time. I have to ask, what inspired Eureka?”

I responded:

Well, I don’t really feel like Frightened Boy (book I wrote before [sic]) is as good as [sic]. I do think The Blue is better, but it is a more mature novel and doesn’t have the catchy hook that [sic] has.

As for Eureka… I was sitting and writing in a spiral journal, which is how I develop my book concepts, and trying to pin down themes for my next book. I knew that I wanted to write about identity, because I really felt it was interesting that the way we identify ourselves is mostly something that other people impose on us, and not really something we choose for ourselves. I also recognized that people are very afraid of changing that identity, and that change is something that personally frightens me (though I knew it shouldn’t, and I wondered why it did.)

So, I set out creating a plot that would mess with people’s fear of change and challenge that idea, and also draw in some arguments for where we get our identities from… because I feel like those two things are linked somehow – maybe we don’t want to change who we are because we are afraid of letting down the expectations of the people around us, who also told us who we were going to have to be in the first place.

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