I started work on The Blue last night. I read once in Stephen King’s book “On Writing” that he sets aside every first draft for a few months after he finishes it, then gets involved in another project. According to him, his brain needs time to reset off of one book before he can see it clearly and edit it.

I feel the same way. When I was working on The Blue last, I was very close to it because I’d just finished it. Some of the solutions that are now obvious… never occurred to me. It wasn’t until I put The Blue away for a few weeks and picked up [sic] (to edit it for release) that I actually figured out some new ways to work my story.

Weird, how the brain works. I think I just get too attached to certain conceptions about the way a story should go. When I return to a story after a while, I’m more willing to give up on all that and just focus on what will make it a good story.

I will say that putting [sic] out has turned the pressure up for me. Feels more real, somehow.

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