Got a good comment on Wattpad today that got me talking about Emily, from my novel [sic]. 

If you’ve read the book, you know Emily is a standout character. She’s dark, she’s chaotic. She could steal your car, or she could sleep with you. 

When I designed the main characters in [sic], I made most of them to be as human as possible, because I knew believability would be a hurdle with readers. With Emily, I made an exception. Emily is a metaphor for the kind of chaos that [sic] represents. Her underlying motivation is an attraction to change and uncertainty – which is not very human.

Visually, I wanted her to stand out. Black clothes, pale skin, black hair. She stalks through the book wreaking havoc on the narrator because she is the embodiment of Eureka and what changing your life could potentially mean. 

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