The Blue is available on

I finished it. You can get The Blue from

Releasing [sic] and The Blue as eBooks is a part of a larger plan. I consider these two novels to be my foundation. They best represent what I believe makes me a unique writer – they encourage thought, they are gritty and real and exciting. I’m most likely going to branch out now, and my next set of novels will be geared toward a major publishing house. But these two books will be available, and allow me to establish myself as a writer.

I’m especially proud of The Blue. Those of you who were beta readers know what I mean; I couldn’t have written it if I hadn’t developed as a writer from the time I wrote [sic].  Derek’s journey is an interesting one.

One Comment on “The Blue is available on”

  1. sPeeDeeBee says:

    Congratulations, Scott!!! 🙂

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