The new book

It’s a big departure for me. I’ve been talking about writing these for over a year, but got caught up with [sic] and The Blue, and so I only had about eight scenes written. Here’s how different it is:

-It’s in third person

-It’s in past tense

-It’s set in New York in the 1920’s

-It’s actually a trilogy of books

So, some big changes for me. I knew this was coming years ago, which is what made me want to write The Blue. The Blue was the novel where I got to really focus on that narrow, first-person stream of consciousness style that I’ve written in my whole life. Now I need to broaden that lens and write in third person.

I think the general things I’ve learned from my past few books will carry over into this new one, though. Economy of language, dialog, etc. are all basically the same when switching from third to first person. I’m going to make sure this book feels like I wrote it, and doesn’t become generic.

Also, I’m going to need early EARLY alpha readers who don’t mind seeing me embarrass myself as I stumble through this.

4 Comments on “The new book”

  1. “Gentleman, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention.” Django Unchained

    Sounds so different! Best wishes!

    • Going to be very different. I have a sequel for The Blue planned as well (different main character, though.) For now, I want to try this out… I’m trying to keep that Scott essence in the new book, so we’ll see what happens.

  2. sPeeDeeBee says:

    I’d love to read for you, Scott! Throw it at me.

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