I’ve been busy. I’ve almost got the first section of my new book ready to be read. It’s been an interesting experience, writing in third person and outside of my comfort zone. I’ve spent a lot of effort trying to make this still feel like one of my books, so that it sits comfortably next to [sic] and The Blue, despite the fact that it’s historical fiction and in third person. 

What I’m really trying to ‘get at’ in the book (like I tried to ‘get at’ identities in [sic] or our personal realities in The Blue), are all the self-destructive tendencies that plague mankind. Our need to dominate,or to pleasure-seek to the point of damaging ourselves, or our tendency to choose the easiest short-term path instead of the superior long-term path. I think technology, which plays a large part in my new story, will be a useful way to highlight these things. The way we use technology amplifies those natural traits, and makes it easy to be examined through a story. Taking something like nuclear power, for instance, and using it to craft a bomb, reveals a little bit about the priorities and the mindset of the time. 

There has also been some interesting news on the “impending deals” front. Too early to say anything for sure, but keep your earballs open. 

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