Wattpad and [sic]

I’ve been experimenting with different avenues for getting my work out for a couple of years. Around 2008, I started mucking around on the internet – my agent had just moved on to a different gig, and I didn’t have anything mainstream in the works. I didn’t want to jump directly into self-publishing on Amazon, as I knew there’d be no sales if I didn’t have a following. I also wanted time to get my books up to snuff.

I landed on Wattpad with Frightened Boy, which had already been the #1 novel (briefly) on a competing site, BookRix.com. It was featured, and thus far has netted about 1,500,000 clicks and around 4000 “votes.” It’s been the 6th ‘hottest’ Thriller book and the #1 Thriller/Action story on the site. It’s not a young adult book and has still done fairly well, so I don’t think the idea that only young adult makes it on Wattpad is true.

[sic] brought more interesting results. I knew from experience that most of the readers on Wattpad (I’d say 70-80%) are teenagers – this is largely due to Wattpad’s very popular app for the iPhone. Many teens have iPhones but no budget to buy media for them, so an app which promises hundreds of free stories to a broke teen is very appealing.

[sic] isn’t marketed as heavily as some other Wattpad stories, and it has only been up for about six months. But, the amount of votes it receives in comparison to the amount of times it is viewed makes it one of the most highly rated stories on the site. As of this blog posting, it has 840,000 ‘clicks’ and 8209 ‘votes.’ It’s been the #2 hottest Thriller story and the #1 for Thriller/Mystery. Most of the books I see on Wattpad (outside of a few select genres), and especially the featured ones, are not doing quite (nearly) so well in the vote count. Some stories have twenty times the clicks, but the same or less votes.  That, combined with [sic]’s high scores on Goodreads and Amazon, have put it in a unique position. I’m hoping to capitalize on that soon.

Not only that, but the response from teen readers has been worth the experience. The comments section for [sic] is full of notes about this being their favorite book, or even their experiences attempting to play Eureka themselves. I don’t know that Wattpad is the right route for everyone – it’s undeniable that the audience swings toward young-adult – but personally, I can see how it’s given my career (even my Amazon sales) a significant boost. [sic] has a very robust presence online, which has made marketing it very effective – and a lot of that energy has come from its presence on Wattpad.

[sic] on Wattpad

[sic] on Goodreads

[sic] on Amazon.com

One Comment on “Wattpad and [sic]”

  1. Ann Alaskan says:

    I own all of your books except the first one ‘Frightened boy’ and I think you are an EXCELLENT writer! I’m on Wattpad as; AlaskanWoman and I twitter and facebook you, Several of my followers have jumped to you and they are busily spreading your word. You have such a unique thought process and writing style … I am SO glad I found you. I work with teens and today’s teens are much more sophisticated than the ‘normal’ adult gives them credit for. Not many parents even know that their teens read!! or more significantly, WHAT they are reading. I love your books as you give me such a GREAT starting point for ‘real life’ discussions. Thank you so much for giving me such thought provoking contemporary literature. Keep on writing and we will keep on buying and reading!!!

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