The Blue and Amazon KDP

Had a good experience with The Blue and Amazon’s KDP program this weekend – did my five free giveaway days, managed to climb up to the #42 top free book. I was #2 in literary and #4 in thriller.

After the giveaway ended, sales spiked – I shot up to #4300 or so in paid books. Sliding down a bit now, as the week gets underway, but the increase in sales has been impressive. I’d heard KDP Select was losing its steam as a marketing tool, but I think I’ll probably stick with it a bit. I’m keeping [sic] out for various reasons, and I’m very open to partnering with a publisher for The Blue and [sic] – but instances like this make self-publishing seem very viable.

One Comment on “The Blue and Amazon KDP”

  1. Angela Dyrcz says:

    I found you on the Amazon free list and I am about halfway through The Blue. I am really enjoying it. I have discovered a lot of new authors there so thanks for listing it!

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