Blue notes

Selling hundreds of copies – and having tens of thousands downloaded – of my experimental novel The Blue has been interesting. The reactions range from astonished to depressed/angry. Some get it, others are intrigued by it, and some are either bored or depressed by it.

I never intended to lead with The Blue; it was supposed to be a highly personal novel that sat in the back of my catalog, waiting for my truest fans who wanted the most of what I consider uniquely my own. I wrote it out of frustration at the temptation (and effort) of writing something more commercially appropriate. The Blue is a bit of a “fuck you, I’m going to write exactly what I want to write.” Which is apparently bleak and disconcerting. I was going through a lot of personal drama, as well, which is reflected in the story. It is the novel that I was meant to write at that time.  Still, there is a special kind of hell in writing a book exclusively for yourself and then putting it out for the world to see.

Now I’m turning my attention back to more commercial novels. Still working hard to keep them ‘mine,’ but putting a different foot forward. Personally, what I’m most excited about is doing for [sic] the same thing I’m doing for The Blue. I am certain that the results will be greater than what I’ve seen with The Blue so far, as that book has its hook and broader commercial appeal. I just need to wait a few more months to see if it’s the right time to truly market [sic] – it all depends on what certain interested parties say.

One Comment on “Blue notes”

  1. AnnAlaskan says:

    Loved the original … can’t wait to read the new one! Just keep writing & please keep your voice!

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