Keep the Ghost

About time I give you an update. [sic] has been rewritten entirely as a novel called Eureka, which my agent is shopping around right now. The new draft is not available anywhere online, and won’t be for at least a year. If no one picks it up, I’ll release it myself.

The text is about 60% different when compared to the old draft, with a chapter or two now totally replaced with new material. I did this because an editor at one of the world’s largest presses took a shine to [sic], but couldn’t get it over the line with his coworkers, largely due to the roughness that comes from being a twenty-something novelist. Stick with me, guys – I’m working on it.

I also did some very heavy editing on The Blue. It’s up on Amazon in its new form. It was also a bit rough around the edges, though the changes here were more cosmetic than in [sic]’s case. I’m preparing for a more major launch, and before that, I want any work I’m selling to hold up to inspection when new readers look at it. Each of these books is important to the larger story all of my novels are telling.

Last, I’m about 10,000 words into a brand new novel. I haven’t mentioned it before, and right now it’s titled “Keep the Ghost.” It is an existential mystery in the same vein as [sic]. If you’re interested in test-reading, let me know.

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