Hello, world. Thought I’d  let everyone know what’s going on.

In mid-2013, I backed out of self-promoting and publishing for a time, in order to get things aligned. Since then, I’ve written a new novel (maybe my favorite yet) and I’ve had The Blue and [sic] professionally edited. For reasons, only the old version of [sic] is available online right now, but that may change in the future. The updated version of The Blue is on Amazon now, with considerably less typos than the last version.

That’s the main reason I took the time off – to get things in order, to polish up my existing work, and to bolster the whole thing with a third book that gives a clearer vision to readers of the sort of author I am. I’ve never wanted to promote myself as anything less than a quality author who produces lasting work, and delivering on that promise takes time.

So, it’s now 2015, and my agent is reviewing Keep the Ghost. Depending on the outcome of that, we will either see my commercial re-launch in second/third quarter of 2015, or… well, or else some other, bigger news will occur and then I’ll have a publishing deal.

If you’d like to read/review my new novel, send me an email (scott@scottkellywritesbooks.com) and I’ll see about setting you up with an advance copy.

About Keep the Ghost:

Kayla wants to fake her death – she honestly thinks pseudocide will set her free. She’s met a couple of strangers who claim to make a living of it, and they’re willing to teach her how. And poor Sean Reilly, the Irish exchange student living in her house, has stumbled on her plan. When Kayla begs, Sean agrees to help. I mean, only with little things, nothing too serious: tell the police she wasn’t wearing a life jacket, skew the time frame, and omit a few key facts. Except, nothing goes according to plan. When Kayla vanishes, the police begin suspecting Sean of being more than a helpful witness.
As evidence mounts, the police zero in – there’s no way out: thirty years if he accepts a plea, or he can roll the dice on the death penalty. His one chance at freedom is to follow in Kayla’s footsteps, and reach out to the enigmatic strangers who make a life out of pretending to be dead. They call it enlightenment, but Sean calls it crazy. Will he have the strength to take the plunge? And if he does, who will come out the other side?

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