Six weeks have passed since I started this self-publishing adventure. I have to say, this was absolutely the right thing to do. For over a decade, I held out in hope of getting a major-press deal – and I came very close a few times, so I had reason to keep trying. But now, I’m… making money, building an audience, getting reviews, and with the state of the industry, probably closer to a major press deal than before. 

I’m tripling every dollar I spend on advertising. Why did I ever let anyone suggest my books aren’t marketable? The next time I sign a publishing deal, someone will have to demonstrate how and why they’ll increase my revenue stream. 
Thanks for supporting, everyone.

One Comment on “Self-publishing.”

  1. Diane Galburt says:

    Dear Scott, you will definitely get a publishing deal as you are a FANTASTIC AUTHOR! No problem for the support. YOU DESERVE IT! Cannot wait to read your next ebook! Sincerely, Diane Galburt

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