Live and direct – “Writing on the Air” radio interview

On December 13th, I had the opportunity to do my very first live radio interview on Austin’s own “Writing on the Air.” The program is dedicated to reading and writers and plays here in Austin on 91.7 FM.


This was a great opportunity for me, and a lot of fun. The number of famous authors who have sat in that studio was humbling, and I mostly tried not to sound completely insane in this extensive interview covering diverse topics like: Why do I hope some of my fans will have high-profile and dangerous accidents? Why do I focus more on the existential quandary of a novel than the plot? Exactly how much brain matter do you have to lose before you’re a different person? What did the famous NASA astronaut also named Scott Kelly do to cause me to banish him to outer space?

If you weren’t in Austin and didn’t have time to catch the interview, it’s available right now both as a Podcast and as a streaming .mp3.

For the iTunes Podcast, click here.

For the streamable .MP3, click here.

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