Scott Kelly started writing novels as a teenager. When he was TpaV8rYdX9JPcjUj9Tg1BOSzxBEub1GYphlAzaw-6pMnineteen, he landed a publishing deal for his novel Jimwamba, which was followed by his works [sic], The Blue, Keep the Ghost, and now Shadow Box. Presently thirty-two, he has received awards, been published by independent presses, topped charts on social writing websites like Wattpad, garnered well over a thousand positive reviews and ratings across Goodreads and Amazon, and ranked as high as the #1 free eBook on Amazon on multiple occasions.

Among the various cool things that have happened to Scott over the course of his career, two events stand out. The first was having Scott’s own childhood reading obsession, Christopher Pike, reach out and tell Scott how much he enjoyed [sic]. The second was seeing a group of high school students in Bosnia turn a scene from one of his novels into a short film, which they entered into a contest.

Scott’s novels are existentialism meets drama. He is personally influenced by thinkers like Camus and Sartre. Each book is approached with the mindset of finding a troubling, esoteric concept that concerns him – and then finding a way to make it entertaining to the reader. Ideally, a reader will find themselves in an existential crisis yet somehow enjoying it.

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  1. says:

    I think you have a NAC for bringing out a good story to a great story. Keep doing what you do. I haven’t been this into a book in the last 8 months. Remember I’m only a reader not anyone other than a plain person looking to read a story that keeps my attention. Thank you for a great book.

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