Scott Kelly wrote his first novel when he was fifteen, and it was terrible. But because he kept at it and wrote roughly one book per year, people eventually started saying they weren’t anymore so he’d shut up about them. When he was nineteen, he landed a publishing deal for his novel Jimwamba, which was followed by his self-published works [sic], The Blue, Keep the Ghost, and Shadow Box.

The guy rode a new wave of e-book distribution and gained large audiences across social writing websites like Wattpad and Bookrix, where about a million readers clicked some sort of ‘thumbs up’ icon nearly fifty thousand times for him, validating his very existence in this postmodern era. Among the cool things that happened during this phase include having childhood idol and New York Times best-selling author Christopher Pike become a fan, having a group of Bosnian high-school students adapt one of his stories into a short film, having real teenagers across the world try his fictional (and ill-advised) game, and giving a lot of books away for free.

Now he mostly operates on Amazon, because money. Between Amazon and its useless cousin Goodreads, he’s got over a thousand positive reviews. Also, his mom thinks he’s pretty good. Despite this, he writes disturbing books, and is worried about all of his fans. The novels are gritty page-turners, all written in the first-person present tense and structured around some existential quandary that bothers its author, who is a literature nerd. They also tend to be mysterious and/or suspenseful. If they aren’t, he kills the main character’s love interest on the last page to punish the book for wasting your time.

He’s thirty-three now and lives in Austin, Texas. Aside from writing, his other hobbies include having a full-time job arguing with lawyers over contract terms.

This is what Scott looks like:


6 Comments on “Bio”

  1. Kathy says:

    Love your work. Waiting for the 3rd in the trilogy

  2. Jessica Kissir says:

    Keep up the good work! You give me the relaxation I crave while reading and the mental stimulation that I rarely get while reading. Thanks!!j

  3. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have a question… Which is more profitable for you – selling a hard copy or electronic? When I find a “lesser known ” author and want to read them I would like to purchase the format that makes them more money. I much prefer an actual hard copy, but will choose an ebook if it’s better for the author.

  4. AnnAlaskan says:

    Have ALWAYS Loved your unique voice! Will continue to support you by buying every piece of writing you put out here. Love your books because they make you think .. you’re my minds gym .. hee hee 💖 Love you from Alaska 💖

  5. says:

    I think you have a NAC for bringing out a good story to a great story. Keep doing what you do. I haven’t been this into a book in the last 8 months. Remember I’m only a reader not anyone other than a plain person looking to read a story that keeps my attention. Thank you for a great book.

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