Keep the Ghost – #84 in Suspense.

My novel Keep the Ghost is presently the 84th bestselling Suspense book on Amazon, and number 134 in the Mystery category. These are big, competitive groups with authors like Michael Crichton, Melinda Leigh and Rachel Caine in the top spots, so I’m quite happy.


KTG 84 suspense

In other news, I’m hard at work on a new novel – or series of novels. The first novel in the Endsville saga, “Nowhen,” will be available at some point in the future.

Kill the Ghost is coming

cover draft

Way down we go.
Taking off where Shadow Box ends, Sean and Morgan find themselves facing mortal peril at the hands of their nemesis only hours after fleeing Holbox. Unfortunately, this is the high point for Sean. Once again, someone sets about faking his suicide – except this time, the goal is to actually kill him.
All threads intertwine to draw the trilogy to a tight tapestry: The law, the criminal network, and the madman who all want him dead are on a collision course with our hero. And behind them all, Morgan schemes.
Gavels will bang, bodies will drop, and truth will be brought to light. Keep the Ghost travels full-circle in its savage conclusion, Kill the Ghost. Everything ends, especially life.

Coming late August/early September – the conclusion to the Keep the Ghost trilogy. The eBook will be released first, with the paperback following shortly after. 


Live and direct – “Writing on the Air” radio interview

On December 13th, I had the opportunity to do my very first live radio interview on Austin’s own “Writing on the Air.” The program is dedicated to reading and writers and plays here in Austin on 91.7 FM.


This was a great opportunity for me, and a lot of fun. The number of famous authors who have sat in that studio was humbling, and I mostly tried not to sound completely insane in this extensive interview covering diverse topics like: Why do I hope some of my fans will have high-profile and dangerous accidents? Why do I focus more on the existential quandary of a novel than the plot? Exactly how much brain matter do you have to lose before you’re a different person? What did the famous NASA astronaut also named Scott Kelly do to cause me to banish him to outer space?

If you weren’t in Austin and didn’t have time to catch the interview, it’s available right now both as a Podcast and as a streaming .mp3.

For the iTunes Podcast, click here.

For the streamable .MP3, click here.

The sequel to Keep the Ghost…

Shadow Box-Cover 2 front

I’m happy to present one of the alternate covers for my upcoming novel, Shadow Box. Many thanks to Greg Poszywak, the artist behind all of my covers. Wait until you see the final choice for the book, because it looks even better than what you have here.

I’ve got something special with this book, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I’ve taken the questions and possibilities raised during Keep the Ghost and dug deeper, trying to examine what it would really mean to remake yourself in a new image of your own choosing. At the same time, I’ve crafted more of a mystery story here than I’ve ever accomplished before, with heavy nods to Raymond Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe mysteries.

I’m just at the last stages of polishing the story now. It’s been three months of constant editing, and I’m at a point where I just pick up the Kindle file and read the book every three or four days, trying to make myself happy with every single sentence. We’re getting close.

Shadow Box

I’m writing the last scene in Shadow Box tonight. I think you’re going to enjoy it. You should be hearing some more from me soon about the book’s release.

Keep the Ghost: Climb to 100

In just five months, Keep the Ghost has received 97 reviews on with a 4.4 average rating, making it my best performing book on the site. Thank you!

Join me on the climb to 100, and my first time to break the triple-digits with the world’s largest book retailer. And if you haven’t reviewed, click the link below and help me get there.

KTG 97 reviews campaign

Keep the Ghost book two: Shadow Box

There’s going to be a sequel to Keep the Ghost called Shadow Box, and a third book after that which will complete Sean’s journey. I’m working on Shadow Box now. Stay tuned…

The [sic] paperback is now available

Good news! The paperback edition of [sic] is now available for purchase from Enjoy!

Keep the Ghost – #4 free eBook on Amazon

Well, my latest promotion/free giveaway event for Keep the Ghost is a great success. Tens of thousands of copies downloaded today, and Keep the Ghost is the #1 free Thriller/Suspense/Mystery story as well as the #4 most popular free eBook on Amazon… and rising, hopefully.

Keep the Ghost paperbacks

Keep the Ghost is now available as a paperback book! You can order one now through Amazon – click here for the link.