The [sic] paperback is now available

Good news! The paperback edition of [sic] is now available for purchase from Enjoy!

Keep the Ghost – #4 free eBook on Amazon

Well, my latest promotion/free giveaway event for Keep the Ghost is a great success. Tens of thousands of copies downloaded today, and Keep the Ghost is the #1 free Thriller/Suspense/Mystery story as well as the #4 most popular free eBook on Amazon… and rising, hopefully.

Keep the Ghost paperbacks

Keep the Ghost is now available as a paperback book! You can order one now through Amazon – click here for the link. 


Paperback editions of Keep the Ghost will be available very soon, followed by The Blue and then [sic]. Hopefully, everything will be done by the end of the summer. 

Breaking ground

I’m getting ready to start writing my next novel. It will probably be two or three books in total, if this goes well. On the surface, it is going to appear to be a murder mystery set in a poor town in the South. But below the surface, things are going to get weird. Very weird.

I’m calling it “Endsville.” 


Six weeks have passed since I started this self-publishing adventure. I have to say, this was absolutely the right thing to do. For over a decade, I held out in hope of getting a major-press deal – and I came very close a few times, so I had reason to keep trying. But now, I’m… making money, building an audience, getting reviews, and with the state of the industry, probably closer to a major press deal than before. 

I’m tripling every dollar I spend on advertising. Why did I ever let anyone suggest my books aren’t marketable? The next time I sign a publishing deal, someone will have to demonstrate how and why they’ll increase my revenue stream. 
Thanks for supporting, everyone.

Promote the Ghost

My plucky little mystery novel about a boy and his pseudocide is doing unnervingly well on its two-day free period. With very little advertising on my part, it has risen to the #1 Crime Fiction novel, and the #6 Mystery/Thriller/Suspense book overall on Amazon. All on the free lists, of course, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Go and pick it up today for free if you’ve been waiting, because it’s returning to full price tomorrow.

20150602 KTG Crime Novel 1