The mission

Here’s the hard truth: My lifelong dream is to be a professional novelist, but this whole Facebook-marketing/mailing list plan is not working that well for me. Nothing will ever stop me from writing, but financial realities may stop me from marketing my work, and I’ll never get to be a full-time writer.

But there’s hope, and that’s where you come. Industry trends are such that my only real shot at making money as a self-publisher is to sell my box set, Identity Crisis, at full price to new readers on Facebook. To do that, the box set needs reviews.

I need a loyal ARC team who help make me a success, and in return, they will get access to my works before they’re completed – like significant portions of the end of the Keep the Ghost trilogy, “Kill the Ghost,” which are currently available. They’ll also get all my past novels for free (the box set) and digital versions of my new releases for either .99 cents or completely free.

I understand that it’s over 700 pages of material and four novels, so I’m sure it will take you a bit to get through it. That said, I don’t feel like an entire box set needs to be read in order to leave a review – just enough that you’re confident the other stories will be of similar quality to the full novel you’ve read already. If you read Keep the Ghost when you got it from me, you’ve already read 25% of the box set. Long, in-depth reviews are wonderful to read, but a couple of sentences helps as well.

But I want to be clear here – I am putting my faith in you to leave an honest review. You do me no favors by lying to me about the quality of my work. And leaving a review is not a requirement. You will remain in this group whether or not you leave a review.

Now, finally, check the box and click “submit” to join my inner circle: