The mission

It’s time to pull back the curtain and let you know what’s going on in my world, and how you can help (all while receiving free novels, new stuff in advance, and not paying a dime.)

Here’s the hard truth: I make a meager living as a paralegal and am currently losing around $500 a month trying to build and maintain the mailing list you’re on, which is a significant portion of my income. My lifelong dream is to be a professional novelist, but right now I’m facing the real possibility of scrapping this entire self-publishing venture and starting from scratch with new plan. Nothing will ever stop me from writing, but financial realities may stop me from marketing my work.

But there’s hope, and that’s where you come. Industry trends are such that my only real shot at making money as a self-publisher is to sell my box set, Identity Crisis, at full price to new readers on Facebook. To do that, the box set needs a whole lot of verified reviews. So, I’m actually going to buy the book on Amazon and ‘gift’ it to your email address, some time soon after you fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

I understand that it’s over 700 pages of material and four novels, so I’m sure it will take you a bit to get through it. That said, I don’t feel like an entire box set needs to be read in order to leave a review – just enough that you’re confident the other stories will be of similar quality to the full novel you’ve read already. If you read Keep the Ghost when you got it from me, you’ve already read 25% of the box set.

There’s one other thing to watch for here. Amazon will delete reviews that include phrasing such as “I got this book for free in exchange for a review.” I would greatly prefer, to both of our benefit, that you avoid using phrasing like this. Amazon is attempting to curb situations where customers are given free products or bonuses in return for guaranteed five-star reviews. That is not what is happening here. My goal is to get you to read my work and leave an honest opinion. If the work deserves a bad review, that’s on me – not you. If you hate Identity Crisis, give it a one-star review. You will remain in the inner circle and I’ll learn from your advice. But if you enjoy it, please express that as well. A couple of sentences will do the trick; if you aren’t an essayist, no one will fault you for it.

Now, finally, check the box and click “submit” to join my inner circle: